Wesley Hunt Statement on Kabul Terror Attacks

For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement on Kabul Terror Attacks

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, combat veteran and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on the terrorist attacks targeted at U.S. Troops and civilians on the ground in Afghanistan.
“I have been closely monitoring the tragic and completely avoidable situation unfolding on the ground at Hamid Karzai International Airport and the Baron Hotel in Kabul.  
Emily and I are praying for the U.S. Service Members who were killed and severely injured as well as their families. We are also praying for the other victims who were killed and wounded because of the vicious terrorist attacks against the U.S., our allies, and the Afghan people.  
Our troops, U.S. citizens stranded in Afghanistan, and our allies who assisted us in the global war on terror deserve better.  The American people deserve better.  Because of Joe Biden’s reckless attempt to pull out of Afghanistan without the proper planning and execution, Americans have been killed and injured. In addition, the Middle East is being sucked back into a vacuum of terror.  
President Biden and his administration must step forward and regain control of the rapidly deteriorating crisis he created.  When you allow terrorists to dictate terms to the United States, this is what you get, innocent civilians and more U.S. troops added to the causality count of radical Islam’s never-ending caliphate.  
Joe Biden has an obligation as Commander and Chief to bring every U.S. citizen and Service Member home safely.  Anything that falls short of this promise is a completely unacceptable dereliction of duty.  This isn’t a moment for the White House to deflect, spin or play politics as usual. 
Americans in Afghanistan are being threatened by multiple terrorist organizations on the ground, who will stop at nothing to kill Americans.  
Joe Biden must use the full weight and power of the United States military to secure the peace on the ground and successfully extract all Americans before leaving the region.”


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