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An Open Letter to Joe Biden: The War on American Energy is Killing the Middle Class

Joe Biden’s policy of attacking the fossil fuel industry is wreaking havoc on lower and middle income Americans.  Let’s be clear, it’s Biden, not Putin, who is responsible for the national average of gas being $4.22 per gallon.  Despite what he and his radical allies might try to sell to the American people, the 230% increase in gas prices since 2020 is not because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s because Joe Biden shut off our domestic oil and gas production.

On the campaign trail, candidate Biden repeatedly guaranteed the socialist wing of his party that he would ban fracking if he were president.  As promised, United States Crude Oil production has fallen by nearly 3 million barrels per day, or 23%, since Joe Biden took office.  As a result of Biden’s war on American energy, gasoline prices, home energy prices, and prices for everyday household goods have all increased, affecting almost every single American across our country.

Biden’s assault on American oil and gas has also significantly contributed to the record inflation we’ve seen over the past 16 months.  If Biden and the Democrats do not divorce themselves from their obsession with the Green New Deal, then American families will continue to suffer tremendously.  According to Bloomberg, the average U.S. family now has to spend an extra $5,200 this year because of inflation.  Some Americans now have to choose between gas in their tank or life-saving insulin.

This energy crisis was self-inflicted and there will be no resolution until Biden and his radical allies step away from their fantasy of zero carbon emissions by the next decade.  Let us not forget that under President Trump, America was energy independent.

In order to confront the leftist policies which led to this moment, it’s also important to tell the truth about the oil and gas industry.  Fossil fuels do more than just produce gasoline to power our commute. 

The smartphone, Ipad, or computer you are reading this article on was made with petrochemicals.  The water bottle you drink from is made with petrochemicals.  Even the brand new Tesla Model 3 is made almost entirely from petrochemicals.  Everything we rely upon is in large part dependent on petrochemicals.

Democrats are married to the Green New Deal, and will say anything, besides the truth, to pass the blame for record energy prices.  Joe Biden and Jen Psaki’s current fairytale is that oil and gas companies are price gouging to line their greedy pockets.  In addition to Biden’s outrageous claim, Nancy Pelosi has now threatened to subpoena the CEO’s of Shell, Exxon, BP, and Chevron, and is forcing them to testify on Wednesday.

This price gouging narrative is blatantly false.  In fact, the average federal and state gas tax combined is over $.31 cents per gallon, which is greater than the average profit oil and gas companies make per gallon, according to industry experts.

Nancy Pelosi and AOC know full well the importance these companies provide our country, but rather than tell the truth, they are going to vilify them and drag them through the mud on Wednesday to appease their socialist donors and special interest groups.

The reality is that our country would look like something out of the Flintstones if Biden eliminated oil and gas.  The inconvenient truth for the left is that batteries store power, they don’t create it, and at the end of the day, you still have to plug your EV into a coal or natural gas powered grid.  

It is time we stop allowing the Biden Administration to villainize the American oil and gas industry and instead applaud domestic oil and gas producers for the work they do to continue powering our country during these historically difficult times.  It’s also time to applaud them for the work they’ve done to decrease our country’s carbon emissions and decrease our reliance on Russian and Venezuelan oil. 

Joe Biden’s deal with the Green Energy Cartel is killing the middle class and we must end it.  America is ready. Texans are ready.  President Biden, on behalf of the millions of struggling Americans across our country, stop this obtuse agenda, come to terms with reality, and give our oil and gas industry the green light to power our country.  American families can’t wait much longer.

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