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For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement on Joe Biden’s Refusal to Turn America’s Oil and Gas Industry back on

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, Army combat veteran, and GOP nominee for Texas’ 38th Congressional district, issued the following statement on Joe Biden’s decision to ban Russian oil imports while refusing to allow U.S. Energy Producers to step in and resupply.  

“After directly financing Russia’s invasion, sending billions of dollars to Vladimir Putin, President Biden could now buy oil and gas from other dictators and autocrats instead of giving the green light to Texas oil and gas producers to supply our country, and the world.  Now that Biden has taken action to stop funding Putin’s war, it’s time for Biden to end his war on American Energy.

“Texas is sitting on the Permian Basin with some of the cleanest natural gas and oil on the planet, but instead, Joe Biden may turn to terrorists and socialists for the dirtiest burning fuel on the planet.  Biden’s half measures have led to a bloody and prolonged conflict in eastern Europe which was entirely preventable. Now he may turn to other dictatorships for oil instead of embracing American energy.  This is a slap in the face to hardworking American families struggling to pay at the pump.  

“Instead of reversing course on his party’s disastrous Green New Deal agenda, Biden is doubling down on raising American energy prices.  It is Biden, not Putin, who is responsible for these backbreaking economy-killing prices at the pump.

“Biden must immediately reverse his ban on new oil and gas leases and restart the Keystone pipeline.  It’s time for Joe Biden and the Democrats to put the American people above their ideological goals.  Joe Biden cannot place the blame for record energy prices at the feet of the oil and gas companies.  American energy companies can provide the solution to this problem, instead of serving as Joe Biden’s scapegoat for his failed economic and energy polices.”


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