Wesley On The Issues

Securing The Border

As a sovereign Nation, we have a right and responsibility to maintain and defend our borders. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are allowing our southern border to be overrun by the cartels and drug and human smugglers.  In Congress, I will support fully securing our border and completing the border wall.

Standing With Law Enforcement

Our men and women in blue risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. I will stand with them against the radical liberals in Congress seeking to defund them.

Pro Life

I am Pro Life and believe each life is a precious gift in the image of God.  As your Congressman, I will protect the rights of the unborn.

Stop Wasteful Spending

The Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are saddling future generations with crippling levels of debts and driving up inflation to fund their liberal priorities. I will stand against these massive spending sprees and force our government to live within it’s means.

Defend Election Integrity

I flew 55 missions in Iraq to defend our right to free and fair elections.  I’ll support Voter ID and other measures to make sure all legal registered voters can have faith that their vote is counted. 

Flood Infrastructure


For Houstonians, hurricanes, flooding and natural disasters are a constant threat.  Hurricane Harvey and other recent flooding have devastated the greater Houston area as well as other parts of Texas.  As your Congressman, I will tirelessly work to create solutions that limit future damage to life and property.

Pro 2nd Admendment

As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and gun owner, I will support our right to defend ourselves and our families.

Stand with Israel

I am committed to supporting our strongest ally and oldest friend in the Middle East.