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Securing Our Southern Border

The Mexican cartels currently run and operate our southern border. Enough Fentanyl has been smuggled into our country from Mexico to kill every American 6 times. Over 9 million illegal aliens have entered our country in the last 3 years. I have fought and will continue to fight to secure our border now.

Cutting America’s National Debt

The single greatest existential threat the United States is our national debt. We currently have over $34 trillion in debt and soon, our interest payments will exceed what the United States spends annually on our military. We must stop Washington’s addiction to bloated spending.


As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and gun owner, I will support our right to defend ourselves and our families.


Our men and women in blue risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. I will stand with them against the radical liberals in Congress seeking to defund them.


I am Pro-Life and believe each life is a precious gift in the image of God.  As your Congressman, I will protect the rights of the unborn.


I flew 55 missions in Iraq to defend our right to free and fair elections.  I’ll support Voter ID and other measures to make sure all legal registered voters can have faith that their vote is counted.

Unleashing American Energy

As the Energy Congressman of the World, I fully understand the importance of Oil and Gas in America’s future. Our leaders should be focused on energy addition, not energy transition. The United States produces the cleanest and safest oil and gas found anywhere in the world and we should be drilling more of it, not less.

Defending Israel

Israel is American’s one true ally in the Middle East and should have every right to defend itself against hostile actors, including Hamas. Iran should have no path to a nuclear weapon while its proxies in the Middle East should all be labeled as terrorist organizations. America must defend Israel.

Aiding Houston Flood Mitigation

Houston has long suffered from tragic flooding disasters and it’s about time Congress fix this issue. Rather than expand the Buffalo Bayou, tunnels must be built underneath Houston that guide excess water into the Houston Ship Channel.