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Wesley Hunt Op-Ed on Biden’s Destructive Energy Policies

During the 2020 presidential election, the Democrats, candidate Joe Biden, and the media tried to sell voters on a moderate Joe Biden presidency. When Republicans pushed back, pointing to Biden’s pledge to end domestic oil and gas production and his promise to overturn the Hyde Amendment, we were called liars.  We were told that President Trump, who had garnered more votes than any other sitting President in history, whom I supported, was an extremist while Joe Biden was a shining beacon of American virtue.

The American people are now feeling the disastrous effects of the radical policies Joe Biden and the Democrats have executed.  Hyper-inflation is ravaging our country, our supply chain is broken, prices of household goods have shot up, and many Americans are suffering. 

Democrats are continuing to try and push through a $3.5 trillion dollar tax and spending package that would increase taxes on millions of middle-class Americans and devastate small businesses.  As part of their plan, they have a big bulls-eye focused on the Texas oil and gas industry—looking for ways to destroy the industry with fines, outrageous taxes, and overburdensome regulations.

There is no secret that Joe Biden and his leftist congressional allies are out to get the oil and gas industry. On Joe Biden’s very first day in office, he signed an Executive Order that revoked the Keystone XL pipeline’s permit, canceling the entire project.  With the stroke of a pen, 10,400 jobs were lost across our country with zero regard to the lives and families of these employees.  A few days later, President Biden terminated public land lease sales, resulting in a potential loss of up to 300,000 jobs by 2025. 

While Joe Biden claims to care about the environment, he bowed to Vladimir Putin when Russia decided to create a pipeline of its own.  Waiving economic sanctions against Russia has been instrumental in weakening our country’s dominance on the world stage.  Biden’s weakness on foreign policy also has sunk U.S.-China relations to an all-time low.  China is on record purchasing more than 553,000 BOPD illegally from Iran—keeping Iran’s economy afloat and its aspirations of a nuclear weapon possible, despite U.S. economic sanctions.

Biden’s incompetence on both the domestic and world stage shows a display of negligence towards American middle-class workers and a lack of respect for our allies across the globe. The fiasco that occurred in Afghanistan is just another example of Biden’s foreign policy failures. All this after only nine months in office.  Every day, I wonder what Biden will do next to damage our economy and embarrass us with our allies. It seems to be never ending. 

I am running for Congress in Texas’ 38th Congressional district, encompassing the Energy Corridor—home to many of the world’s energy companies.  Every day, I hear from those across the political and socio-economic spectrum who are worried about Biden’s attempts to destroy the oil and gas industry.  From executives to entry-level employees, the brilliant men and women who work in our energy sector are frightened by the shortsighted agenda that is being deliberated by this administration. These hard-working individuals are in fear of losing their jobs, but beyond that, they know we don’t have to choose between environmental progress and energy security.

While the costs of groceries, food, gas, and other household expenses have increased drastically due to Washington Democrat’s failed economic policies, they now want to pass a massive multi-trillion-dollar tax and spending spree.  Joe Biden wants to add more debt to our country than we spent during World War II, accounting for inflation.  This unprecedented level of spending is ludicrous. At this rate, I fear the consequences of this massive spending bill will not only impact my children, but my grandchildren and their children as well. 

Hidden in this socialist bill is yet another tax, specifically aimed at the oil and gas industry.  

As Democrats mock empty grocery store shelves as “high class problems,” everyday Americans are suffering from price increases that haven’t been experienced in decades.  If Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer get their way and pass their $3.5 trillion spending spree, Houston will suffer a devastating blow, companies will close, and thousands will lose their jobs.  

This is why I am running for Congress.  

Houstonians and Americans are suffering, they need someone who will fight for them, they are ready for change, and they know that time is running out.  

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