Wesley Hunt For Congress

For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement Regarding Iran’s Comments on Annihilating Israel

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, former Diplomatic Liaison Officer to Saudi Arabia, and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s recent comments on their wish to annihilate Israel.

“Anti-semitism has risen dramatically over the past year, both abroad and domestically, and it’s time our leaders in Washington take a stand. Biden’s persistent weakness in the face of Iran’s threats has allowed them to build up their nuclear capabilities, and if their nuclear ambitions are achievedthese weapons will be used against Israel and the United States. 

“As Iranian nuclear talks resume in Vienna today, Biden must follow President Trump’s lead and fix the disastrous flaws outlined in the JCPOA, or continue to sanction Iran. Any action to the contrary would be foolish and further risk our national security, while putting Iran’s interests first. 

“Recent comments and actions by members of the radical ‘Squad’ have also been appalling. Congresswomen Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and other anti-zionist democrats all voted to defund Israel’s Iron Dome, a defense system that protects their citizens from terrorist groups, including Hamas, an Iranian funded proxy. 

“Israel is America’s strongest ally, and we must do everything we can to protect their sovereignty and ensure their safety. It is clear that President Biden and his radical allies in Congress have no intention of making Israel a priority, which is another catastrophic foreign policy mistake on their behalf. It is time for our country to lead from a position of strength again, which can only be accomplished by taking back the House in 2022.”


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