Wesley Hunt For Congress

For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement on President Biden’s Reckless $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Package

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, former Army combat veteran, and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on last night’s passage of Joe Biden’s reckless Infrastructure package.

“Last night’s vote to pass Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s radical infrastructure package was disgraceful. No Republican should have voted for this gateway to socialism, further underscoring the need for real conservatives in Congress. With one stroke of a pen, Joe Biden will add hundreds of billions of dollars to our nation’s soaring debt, while hyper-inflation is already ravaging our country. Gas prices are up nearly $1.5 a gallon in Houston since last year, the price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up nearly 5% compared to last year, and the prices of other household necessities are reaching historical levels, all due to Joe Biden and his radical allies in Congress. When signed into law, this bill will only drastically increase inflation and further harm millions of American families.

“After spending $1.2 trillion last night, House progressives will now take the opportunity to further implement their socialist agenda by passing an additional $1.75 trillion legislative wish list that includes tax cuts for the 1%, new taxes on hard working middle-class Americans, and a $550 billion investment to implement the Green New Deal.

“It is clear that Democrats have learned nothing from Tuesday’s election in Virginia. Republicans and Democrats alike all voted for Governor-Elect Youngkin because they are sick and tired of the policies Democrats in Washington are trying to implement that will lead our country towards socialism. If elected, I will fight every day in Congress to ensure the United States is once again the prosperous and well respected nation I grew up in, and served for.”



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