Wesley Hunt For Congress

For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement on Biden’s Forced Vaccine Mandates Further Dismantling Supply Chain

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, former Apache Helicopter pilot, and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate that has the potential to further erode our supply chain as the holiday season approaches. 

“It is not the role of the Biden Administration to force private businesses and individuals to get vaccinated. These mandates are a gross overreach by Joe Biden and the federal government and are infringing upon our individual liberties. Each American should have the ability to deliberate and personally decide whether they would like to be vaccinated or not. 

“As expected, these forced vaccine mandates are having other effects on American lives as well. We’ve seen police officers, pilots, flight attendants, and firefighters all resign due to these mandates, and now, logistics and shipping companies, such as UPS, FedEx, and Amazon are worried they won’t have the staff necessary to deliver holiday presents and other essential supplies like medical equipment and household goods, further disrupting our supply chain.

“Joe Biden’s radical economic policies have already created hyper-inflation, and are now resulting in a shortage of many products due to a horribly mismanaged supply chain. Even if our Christmas and Hanukkah presents somehow arrive on time, we already know they are going to be much more expensive than ever before.

“It is time for us as Americans to reclaim our individual liberties back, and the easiest way of doing so is by taking back the House in 2022.”


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