Wesley Hunt For Congress

For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement on Biden Issued Export Licenses to Huawei Suppliers Worth Over $100 Billion

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, combat veteran, and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on Joe Biden’s decision to grant export licenses to suppliers of Chinese Communist Party-backed Huawei and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, China’s largest chip maker. 

“Once again we are seeing a display of complete incompetence and weakness on the world stage from President Joe Biden. Giving suppliers of Huawei access to the necessary materials to create semiconductors further risks our national security by giving the Chinese Communist Party access to our proprietary technology. These export licenses also exacerbate the appalling supply-chain issues we have been facing as Chinese semiconductor companies have pledged to stockpile these chips.

“This is a bi-partisan issue that needs further action to protect our country’s security championed under former President Donald Trump. Now is the time to prevent giving the CCP access to our country’s crucial telecommunications technologies, despite Joe Biden’s actions that indicate otherwise.”


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