Wesley Hunt For Congress

For Release: Hunt for Congress Launches “Women for Wes” Coalition

Houston, TX – Today, over 100 women from Houston and Texas’ 38th Congressional District announced their support for Houston native and Army combat veteran, Wesley Hunt. 

“Women for Wes is a diverse group of women from across the 38th District who are concerned about the future of our nation,” said former Texas Federation of Republican Women President, Carolyn Hodges. “The first step to fixing the problems plaguing our community is to elect principled conservative leaders like Wesley Hunt.”

“Wesley has proven his dedication to our country and we cannot wait to see the positive, conservative impact he’ll be able to have on a dysfunctional Congress,” continued former Texas Federation of Republican Women Vice President Jan Ott. “We need more leaders like Wesley Hunt who will stand up against the radical left and fight to protect our elections and secure our border.”

Women for Wes:

Emily Hunt

Jan Ott

Carolyn Hodges

Kristin Burnett 

Elizabeth Heckman 

Emma Stephens

Jennifer Kruse

Tracy Kettler

Alicia Kowalski

Ronnye Cowell  

Stacey Mullins

Claire Zurek

Dana Miller

Niki Carayannopoulos 

Teresa Lee

Carolyn Awe-Husky

Joanie Montgomery

Ashley Sobota

Jean Mitcchell

Claudia Sauer

Penny Remick

Brenda Mabry

Cecelia Zeitlin

Cheryl Butler

Ilsa Cummings

Kristin Dillard

Stephanie Parker

Jenny Higgins

Jessica Parker

Holly Hitchen

Courtney Robertson

Eunice Vega

Sara Long 

Courtney Squillante

Summer Burke

Shelby Romere

Ashley Zahn

Angela Paschall

Linley Dieringer 

Jenna Cogdell

Mary Sue Patronella

Linda Wolfe

Sara Morrow

Ashley Crow

Cat Monzon

Lucille Hoger

Heidi Holcomb 

Alison Gardner

Brandi Paullo

Amanda MacDonald

Tamma Howell

Nancy Mollard

Lynda Irvine

Carolyn McCall

Debbie Garwood

Dianne Brody

Nichole Waters

Mary Jane Casimir

Leigh Anderson

Cindy Hassler

Rebekah James

Amy Hines

Kathy Suerth

Kathy Oxspring

Sherri Cotlow 

Charline Ibanez

Mary Chamberlain

Lisa Alpe

Debbie Darroh

Jeannette Muecke

Debra Moriarty

Kerry Brendel

Kristina Cupic

Lauren Krieger

Mary Dominguez

Erin Moss 

LaJeana Hardig

Dee Coats

Cindy Segrest

Jennifer de la Mora

Jolie Thompson

Kay Hilberth

Shelley Rogers

Melinda Faust

Rachel Lloyd

Beverly Woolley

Julie Allen 

Kristi Guiney

Kathy Johnson

Leslie Biggs

Ann Johnson

Susan Landrum

Nancy Van Os

Alison Nissen

Dinah Huthnance

Marjorie Perlmutter

Marijo Lindsay Moody

Carmen  Keith 

Elaine Muschalik Wertheimer 

Julie Anderson-Glaser

Anne Davis

Mary Smith

Susan Hamman

Kathleen Catanesi-Taylor

Sandra Stalnaker 

Dana Bouterie


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