Aug 4, 2020      Press Releases      

Wesley Joins Houston Small Business Owners for Roundtable Discussion

Houston, TX – On Monday, Wesley Hunt, the Republican nominee in the 7th Congressional District of Texas, joined a group of Houston-area small business owners to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Houston’s economy and businesses. Small businesses employ millions of Texans and are instrumental to the health and resilience of Houston’s economy. Wesley is committed to protecting this cornerstone in our economy.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of America’s economy,” said Hunt“Houston offers a tremendous environment for entrepreneurs to build the businesses of their dreams, and this opportunity-rich atmosphere is part of what makes America one of the greatest countries in history. Small businesses are a bridge to a brighter future; they employ millions of Texans and bring opportunity to neighborhoods and communities nationwide. Unfortunately, in the wake of the coronavirus, many business owners are facing unprecedented challenges that threaten their long-term viability. Congress must act to protect our small businesses; their success is critical to our economic recovery as a nation.”

Wesley Hunt is a Houston native and a battle-tested leader willing to stand up for the 7th Congressional District. While his opponent Lizzie Fletcher made Pelosi Speaker of the House and refuses to condemn the most liberal of Democratic priorities, Wesley is a problem solver who will work with both sides to bring results home to the 7th District.