Jun 18, 2020      Press Releases      

Wesley Hunt Statement on the Introduction of the JUSTICE Act

Houston, TX – Today, Wesley Hunt, veteran, father, Houston native and Congressional Candidate released the following statement in response to the announcement of the JUSTICE Act by Senate Republicans.

“The past 25 days have been an extremely challenging and sad time for our Nation,” said Hunt. “The unfortunate fact is that too many young African Americans have lost their lives at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect. But yesterday, with the announcement of the JUSTICE Act, our hope in creating a better America was renewed. I am incredibly proud of the leadership shown by Senator Scott, a longtime advocate for police reform, as well as the others involved with drafting this legislation, which includes vital provisions that outlaw choke holds and mandate the use of body cameras. It is my hope that this legislation moves swiftly through the halls of Congress and is not held up by those hoping to score political points and further divide our Nation.”

Hunt is a Houston native and a battle-tested leader willing to stand up for the 7th Congressional District. While his opponent Lizzie Fletcher refuses to condemn the most liberal of Democratic priorities, Wesley is a problem solver who will work with both sides to bring results home to the 7th District.