Feb 6, 2020      

Wesley Hunt Statement on the Acquittal of President Trump

Houston, TX –  Today, the Senate acquitted President Trump of both articles of impeachment, bringing an end to a divisive, politically motivated impeachment. Conservative Republican and 7th District congressional candidate Wesley Hunt released the below statement following his acquittal:

“Today, the Senate rightfully rejected two unfounded charges against President Trump that came about as a result of Washington politicians pandering to the extreme elements of their left-wing political base,” said Hunt. “Nancy Pelosi, Lizzie Fletcher and House Democrats sought to divide this country even further with this partisan impeachment process.  The time they wasted on a useless investigation could have been used defending the energy industry, protecting Houston from future flooding and securing our southern border. We need representation that will stand up for Houston, not engage in the partisan games of Washington.”

Wesley Hunt is a Houston native, combat veteran and conservative running to preserve Houston’s values and way of life.