Wesley Hunt Statement on Senate Democrats $3.5 Trillion Budget

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, combat veteran and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on the passage of Democrats $3.5 trillion budget that includes massive Green New Deal giveaways, extravagant incentives for illegal immigrants and radical urban planning policies that would make communities less safe.

“At a time when research shows more than 80% of Americans are worried about inflation, skyrocketing consumer prices and balancing their own budgets, this irresponsible budget is not only reckless, but offensive to the hardworking, middle-class Texans whose taxes will pay for these liberal handouts,” said Hunt. “Not only does this bill pay for non-essentials that have nothing to do with infrastructure, including incentives that will only increase illegal immigration at an even higher rate and frequency, but it will inevitably lead to tax increases on every American. 
“We need representatives in Congress who will work to preserve the values that built our great city, state, and nation, not those who seek to fundamentally destroy it. I promise to help rebuild your American dream, not tear it down,” said Hunt.
Wesley Hunt was the 2020 Republican nominee in Texas’ 7th Congressional District where his campaign raised nearly $8 million.  Wesley and his team also knocked on more than 400,000 doors and outperformed the top of the ticket by nearly six percent. Hunt prevailed in the 2020 7th District Primary winning with over sixty percent of the vote in a crowded six person primary.
Hunt intends to run in West Houston and will announce the district he intends to campaign for as soon as Texas releases the newly redrawn Congressional district lines. 
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