Aug 1, 2019      Press Releases      

Wesley Hunt Statement on Democratic Debates

Over the past two nights, the Democratic Party has made their vision for the future of America very clear.


Their plans include eliminating employer provided health insurance for millions of Americans, decriminalizing illegal immigration, increasing taxes on the middle class by billions, and targeting the energy industry for extinction; which is vital to the health of Houston’s economy.


Meanwhile, Congresswoman Fletcher, who ran as a moderate, has said nothing to rebuke these extreme positions held by the leaders of her party.


Instead of standing up to these radical ideas, Fletcher has consistently voted in lockstep with Pelosi and AOC.  Instead of standing up for the thousands of her constituents who work in the energy industry, Fletcher has been complicit in allowing Democrats to target Houston.


Now more than ever, the 7th Congressional District, needs real and honest leadership in Washington.  Lizzie Fletcher may not be up for the job, but I am.