Jan 8, 2020      

Wesley Hunt Releases First TV Ad

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, combat veteran and conservative Republican for Congress in the 7th District, released his first television advertisement today titled Duty, highlighting his service record and commitment to conservative values.

The ad will air on Fox News, conservative cable and digital platforms.

“In addition to being the first candidate on the air in the 7th District Republican contest, Wesley Hunt has raised more than $1,300,000 and his campaign volunteers have already knocked on more than 30,000 doors,” said Jim Hilk, Hunt’s campaign manager.  “Wesley is the conservative Republican capable of defeating Lizzie Fletcher and defending our values in Congress.”

Hunt has been endorsed by conservative leaders including Senator Ted Cruz and Harris County Commissioners Jack Cagle and Steve Radack because he is a battle-tested conservative who will support President Trump and is the best candidate to beat Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, Nancy Pelosi ally and impeachment supporter.  Hunt is Houston native, West Point Graduate, and former Apache Helicopter Pilot who flew 55 combat missions in Iraq.

:30 TV

Hunt:  When I flew Apaches over Iraq, I was guided by three words “Duty, Honor, Country”.

The men and women I served with were bonded together by a shared mission.

We need more of that spirit in Washington.

With a new generation of leadership, we can secure our border, strengthen our economy and put our financial house in order.

“Duty, Honor, Country”

These words guided me in battle and they’ll be my north star in Congress.

I’m Wesley Hunt and I approve this message.