May 14, 2020      Press Releases      

Wesley Hunt Asks SBISD to Review Grading Policy

Houston, TX – As our public education system grapples with the challenges posed by the Coronavirus, school districts are being forced to make difficult decisions over grading policies. Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) has chosen to institute a Met/Did Not Meet standard for the Spring 2020 semester.  In response, 7th Congressional District Candidate Wesley Hunt released the following statement:

“There is no doubt that COVID-19 has put tremendous strain on the capabilities of our education system, forcing students, parents and teachers to adapt to unpredictable circumstances.

Our education system, like our Nation, should strive to allow every individual the opportunity to work hard and distinguish themself.  Unfortunately, the current grading policy of SBISD does not fall in line with that priority.  By forcing all students into a Met/Did Not Meet standard, SBISD is hampering some students’ college admissions prospects.  It is the responsibility of the school district to “Do No Harm”, but the current policy in place does not reach that standard. I would request that SBISD review it’s standard for this spring semester and have a better plan in place for the fall 2020 semester.”