Sep 2, 2020      Press Releases      

Wesley Hunt Announces Support for Ike Dike Concept

Houston, TX – Following Houston’s near miss with Hurricane Laura, talks are resuming to advance the Ike Dike project, a concept spearheaded by Texas A&M Galveston to mitigate devastating storm surges along the Galveston coast. The Ike Dike concept is a multi-gate system, incorporated from the Coastal Spine concept, intended to protect homes, businesses, and the Houston Ship Channel’s massive petrochemical complex from deadly and destructive flooding. With over three quarters of hurricane destruction stemming from storm surges, a project like the Ike Dike could dramatically reduce the impacts of severe storms in the area. If completed, the Ike Dike would protect over 5 million people and the Nation’s largest petrochemical complex.

“Hurricane Laura was a warning for Houston and constructing the Ike Dike will help ensure we are prepared for the next severe storm,” said Hunt“The Ike Dike could protect millions of people and ensure that the Nation’s largest petrochemical complex, which more than a quarter of our Nation relies on for chemicals, plastics, and fuels, isn’t compromised. If a catastrophic storm hits the Galveston coast and we are unprepared, you will see the consequences not only in tragic destruction locally, but in damage done to our petrochemical industry nationally; the ripple effects will be felt acutely by our transportation sector, our military, our medical supply lines, you name it. I strongly support this project and believe Texans and Americans across the board have much to gain if this project is executed and much to lose if it isn’t.”

Hunt is a Houston native and battle-tested leader willing to stand up for the 7th Congressional District. While his opponent Lizzie Fletcher made Pelosi Speaker of the House and refuses to condemn the most liberal of Democratic priorities, Wesley is a problem solver who will work with both sides to bring results home to the 7th District.