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Wesley Hunt Announces Candidacy for TX-07

For Immediate Release
Date: April 2, 2019
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 713-204-6471

Houston, TX – Today Wesley Hunt, an Army combat veteran and Houston-area businessman, announced his candidacy for Congress as a Republican in Texas’s 7th Congressional District, pledging to protect the Houston area’s values and way of life:

“Changing Washington won’t be easy, but graduating from West Point and serving in the United States Army, being deployed to combat zones and flying Apache helicopters over Iraq has prepared me for tough fights and big challenges.  I truly believe nothing is more worth fighting for than our great country and our way of life in the Houston area.  That’s why today I am announcing my candidacy for Congress,” Hunt said.

“I love this country and I feel it is my responsibility to defend our way of life—and right now, our way of life is under attack,” Hunt added.  “Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher has broken her promise to be independent.  Fletcher voted to make Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House and has voted with Pelosi on every major issue. She’s siding with Washington and San Francisco, not Houston.  In doing so, Fletcher has empowered the liberal elites whose reckless policies will hurt the Houston area, from destroying jobs and opportunity with their radical Green New Deal, to threatening seniors and eliminating private insurance with their extreme Medicare for All scheme, to raising taxes on small businesses and middle-class families.”

“In Congress, I will represent Houston’s values and defend our way of life.  I am focused on completing the mission and solving problems, and I will bring people together to fix our infrastructure, protect our energy jobs, reduce our health care costs and make sure every child receives a quality education,” Hunt concluded.

Wesley Hunt is a West Point graduate, Army combat veteran and Apache helicopter pilot.  Upon his honorable discharge from the Army as a captain, Wesley attended Cornell University where he earned a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) and a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (M.I.L.R.).  Wesley works for Perry Homes and is involved in numerous charitable and community organizations in the Houston area.  Wesley and his wife Emily recently had their first child, Victoria.