Wesley Hunt Announces 2022 Run for Congress

Veteran Wesley Hunt Announces 2022 Run for Congress

Houston, TX – Today, Wesley Hunt, Army combat veteran, Houston native and conservative is formally announcing his candidacy for Congress in 2022.

“ I am proud to announce that I am running for Congress because the Democrats in Washington have failed us.  I know changing Washington won’t be easy, but throughout my life, I have never backed down from a challenge.  Graduating from West Point and flying 55 combat missions over the skies of Baghdad have taught me to never give up, never back down and never stop fighting for our country and the conservative values that make the United States the greatest country in world,” Hunt said. 

“ I have watched the Democrats in Washington fail the American people time and time again, pursuing radically liberal policies rather than the pragmatic solutions that our country needs.  Democrats in Washington have put Texans at risk by failing to address the crisis on our southern border.  The Democrats’ open border policy is allowing drug and human traffickers to enter our communities unimpeded.  They have failed to help our small businesses rebuild after COVID-19 and would rather keep people on unemployment than incentivize them to find work.  They promise the largest tax increase in American history and they have failed future generations by wastefully spending trillions of dollars that our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay back.”

“ I am running for Congress to fight back against these disastrous policies and to get our nation back on the right track.  In Congress, I will support the America First Agenda, and work to protect our southern border, to get our economy prospering again, and to defend our rights and values from the constant attacks of the left. In the Army, I learned that you never stop a mission until it is complete, and I look forward to completing the mission I started in 2019,” concluded Hunt.
Wesley Hunt was the 2020 Republican nominee in Texas’ 7th Congressional District where his campaign raised nearly $8 million.  Wesley and his team also knocked on more than 400,000 doors and outperformed the top of the ticket by nearly six percent. Hunt prevailed in the 2020 7th District Primary winning with over sixty percent of the vote in a crowded six person primary.
Hunt intends to run in West Houston and will announce the district he intends to campaign for as soon as Texas releases the newly redrawn Congressional district lines. 
Learn more at WesleyforTexas.com.


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