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Three Delays and Counting

Democrats Delay Coronavirus Aid to Promote Liberal Agenda

Over the past six months, Democrats have consistently delayed support for our small businesses and first responders to fund their liberal pet projects. Their political priorities have been obvious from the beginning, with Whip Clyburn, one of the senior-most Democrats in Congress, even calling the coronavirus “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Sadly, Representative Lizzie Fletcher has once again fallen in line with her party and allowed these partisan political games to jeopardize the relief our small businesses need.

Let’s take a look at some of Pelosi’s most blatant attempts to delay coronavirus relief:

1. In March, Speaker Pelosi blocked funding for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a lifeline for Houston’s Energy Corridor, and delayed the CARES Act to promote her liberal agenda.

Even before the passage of the CARES Act in March, Pelosi was maneuvering to rewrite our economy and shore up liberal agenda items unrelated to the coronavirus crisis. In late March, Pelosi delayed stimulus negotiations and instead pushed a $2.5 trillion bill more focused on promoting the Green New Deal than helping American families.

2. In April, Pelosi delayed aid to small businesses to try to leverage divergent priorities.

When small businesses urgently needed support and millions of Americans were losing their jobs, Pelosi again delayed aid. Rather than approve a targeted $250 billion replenishment of funds for small businesses, Pelosi stalled for two weeks and tried to hamper small business relief with billions of dollars for other priorities. 

3. In August, Pelosi still refuses to budge on her $3.4 trillion liberal wish list.
Just days ago, Pelosi doubled down on a $3.4 trillion top line for relief funding, an unreachable price tag underpinned by a divisive, liberal political agenda that includes more funding for Green New Deal priorities, billions of dollars for illegal immigrants, and zero support for Houston’s Energy Corridor.
While Pelosi may have all the time in the world to push her agenda, American families bearing the brunt of the coronavirus do not. We need leaders who will act decisively in times of need, not play politics.