Apr 24, 2020      Press Releases      

Once again, Lizzie Fletcher chooses Party over Houston

Houston, TX – Today, Lizzie Fletcher endorsed Joe Biden, the most anti-oil and gas major party nominee in history, while her district and the energy industry suffer from the fallout of an international oil crisis caused by the Coronavirus and price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.  In response, 7th District Republican Wesley Hunt released the following statement.

“In 2018, Lizzie Fletcher campaigned on fixing the partisan plague that has poisoned our political rhetoric, divided our Nation and led to a gridlocked Congress,” said Hunt. “So far, in Congress, she hasn’t lived up to those words and has consistently sided with her party, voting with Nancy Pelosi over 98% of the time.  And today, she confirmed that her party means more than her community by endorsing one of the most radically anti-energy candidates in the history of the United States.  A President Biden with Lizzie Fletcher in Congress would lead to the irreversible destruction of the oil and gas industry in Houston and the decimation of tens of thousands of jobs here.”

Over his political career, Biden has endorsed many policies that would be detrimental to Houston’s economy. The most significant includes Biden embracing the Green New Deal, even saying that we should utilize the Green New Deal to promote economic change. Biden has even gone as far to say that he would support banning new fracking throughout the United States. The 7th Congressional District includes the Energy Corridor, where economy would be destroyed by Biden and Democrats anti-energy policies.