Sep 21, 2020      Press Releases      

Lizzie Fletcher Votes to Overturn Texas Right to Work Law, Force Workers to Unionize

Houston, TX – Today, Representative Fletcher’s viability as a protector of Houston workers and steward of economic growth took another hit as it was revealed that she voted to overturn the Texas Right to Work Law this February. Fletcher’s vote would undermine 28 states that have implemented right to work laws, delivering a blow to the First Amendment rights of workers nationwide and threatening the comparatively high employment rates seen in right to work states.

Under the Texas Right to Work Law, an individual cannot be denied employment due to membership or non-membership in a labor organization; in other words, the choice to unionize is yours and your choice is legally protected. However, Representative Fletcher and Congressional Democrats are angling to:

  • Strip Americans of their freedom to work independently and compel them to pay union dues with no control over how their hard-earned dollars are spent;
  • Abolish workers’ protections against political intimidation;
  • And, force businesses to disclose workers’ personal information to labor organizations without the workers’ consent.

What’s more, Fletcher’s vote is tarnished by incriminating self-interest; research shows that a vast majority of unions use their dues to support left-wing political platforms without first receiving consent from their members. Fletcher has once again elevated the priorities of left-wing ideologues determined to re-write our economy from the top down ahead of the needs of her voters.

Mandating union membership in Texas, in addition to signifying an abuse of federal authority and an attack on individuals’ Constitutional rights, would be incredibly disruptive to Texas’ workforce, where less than 4% of employed individuals choose to join unions. The evidence shows that not only do Texans prefer not to unionize, but states where workers are denied the freedom to work independently are more likely to have higher unemployment.

“Fletcher’s vote to overturn the Texas Right to Work Law is a blatant violation of workers’ First Amendment rights and a gross example of federal coercion,” said Communications Director Jackie Modesett. “Rather than supporting the needs of Texas workers, less than 4% of whom elect to join unions, Fletcher is enabling the extreme elements of her party who want to dramatically increase the role of the federal government in our economy and reduce worker independence in the process. In effect, Fletcher has voted to force workers to give their hard-earned dollars to groups who give the vast majority of their funds to left-wing politicians without receiving consent from the workers they claim to represent. This is kind of behavior is disqualifying for a self-proclaimed moderate and a red flag to 7th District voters who seek to keep corruption and coercion out of the workplace. We need a leader who can help the 7th District bounce back from the coronavirus, not cave to the anti-business forces within her party.”