Oct 29, 2019      

Lizzie Fletcher Votes For Fracking Ban

Houston, TX – Today, Lizzie Fletcher continued her streak of putting Nancy Pelosi and the Squad above her constituents in the 7th District. Fletcher voted with her radically liberal colleagues against legislation that would prevent future Presidents from banning fracking, a practice of economic significance to the oil and gas industry which employs thousands in the 7th District. In response to Fletcher’s betrayal of 7th District voters, Republican candidate and Iraq War veteran Wesley Hunt released the following statement.

“Our district relies on the energy industry, yet Lizzie Fletcher continues to vote with those trying to bring Houston to it’s knees.  Her opposition to this legislation is just the latest in a long line of failures that includes failing to stand strong against the Green New Deal and fight for our energy jobs.  Environmentalists in Washington may not rely on the energy industry to feed their children, pay their rent and send their kids to college, but middle-class citizens in Houston do. I’m sure her donors in California, New York and Washington are happy with this vote, but I can guarantee you that people in the 7th District are not.”  

Wesley Hunt is a Houston native, West Point graduate and Apache Helicopter Pilot who is running to preserve Houston’s values and way of life.