Sep 24, 2019      Press Releases      

Lizzie Fletcher Supports Impeachment

Today, Lizzie Fletcher sided with her party over the will of her constituents in the 7th Congressional District.  Instead of working in the spirit of bipartisanship to help improve the lives of voters, Fletcher decided to support the endless efforts to impeach the President.

After years of trying to remove President Trump from office, House Democrats were stopped cold when the Mueller investigation showed no evidence of collusion with Russia.  Instead of accepting the report and moving onto the business of the American people, Pelosi and House Democrats chose to continue searching for a reason to impeach the duly elected President.

This week, Congresswoman Fletcher decided to join them. Fletcher caved to the radical calls for impeachment by stating, “The House should act swiftly to investigate and should be prepared to use the remedy exclusively in its power: impeachment.”

In response to this statement, Republican Candidate for Congress Wesley Hunt released the following:

“By announcing her support for impeachment, Lizzie Fletcher betrayed the voters of the 7th Congressional District, who sent her to Washington as a moderate working to create solutions.  This district needs a Representative who will work to secure the border, lower taxes and keep Houston’s economy strong.  The voters deserve a Representative who will stand up for our values, not someone who caves to the extremists in their political Party.”