Sep 14, 2020      Press Releases      

Lizzie Fletcher Lies to Cover Up Liberal Voting Record

Houston, TX  – After spending the last 2 years voting with Nancy Pelosi over 99% of the time, failing to stand up for Houston’s energy industry and putting her party over the 7th District, Lizzie Fletcher released a false, negative attack ad today trying to cover up her liberal, out of touch voting record.

“Lizzie Fletcher is trying to distract from her record and is willing to lie to do it.  Wesley Hunt has never proposed taking away coverage for pre-existing conditions and never will.  Lizzie Fletcher wants voters to believe they only have two options: government run health care or coverage for pre-existing conditions.   That’s Lizzie’s big lie.  Wesley Hunt believes healthcare should be more affordable, more transparent and more effective, with coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, without the one-size fits all, bureaucrat controlled system Lizzie Fletcher and Nancy Pelosi want,” said Hunt campaign manager Jim Hilk.      

Fact #1
As the husband of a pregnant wife and the father of an 18 month old daughter, Wesley Hunt will protect those with pre-existing conditions. He has even pledged to sponsor a stand-alone bill that prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions.

Fact #2
Wesley Hunt will work across the aisle to lower the cost of healthcare for all Houstonians by lowering prescription drug prices, increasing transparency and introducing market reforms to increase competition amongst providers.

Fact #3
Wesley Hunt has advocated for more spending during the pandemic to fix the holes in our system to ensure that everyone impacted by COVID has access to the care they need.

Fact #4
Lizzie Fletcher supports a dangerous public option that would undermine our current employer sponsored healthcare system, put Medicare on the chopping block and cost taxpayers trillions.

Fact #5
When Nancy Pelosi calls on Fletcher to vote for healthcare that harms Houston, she’ll follow suit just as she’s done 99% of the time she’s been in Congress.