Sep 25, 2019      Blog Posts      

Lizzie Fletcher Joins Impeachment Efforts

The 7th Congressional District is more reliant on exports to Mexico and Canada than almost any other district in the Nation.  This week, instead of debating and passing the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), the House of Representatives will be consumed by yet another series of investigations and an impeachment inquiry.
Unfortunately, our Congresswoman, Lizzie Fletcher, announced yesterday that she would be joining the radical Democrats in Washington who are attempting to remove a duly elected President just fourteen months before a national election.
That is not what we elect Congress to do.  Furthermore, the President of the United States serves at the pleasure of the American people, not the Democratic Speaker of the House and her extremist allies.
The nation is facing many issues, including a crippling national debt, a porous southern border and a healthcare system that keeps rising in cost.
In the 7th District, our first priority should be protecting the energy jobs that provide income, insurance and a way of life for thousands of Houstonians.  This energy sector is currently under threat from the Democrats and our Congresswoman, who meets with climate change advocacy groups that endorse the Green New Deal; a policy that if it became law would be devastating to our economy.
The people of our district deserve better.
As your Congressman, I will focus on the issues that matter and I will refuse to engage in political games that waste time and tax payer money.  It’s time to put you and your family before politics.  If elected, I will do just that.