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Leading From The Front On Flood Mitigation 

Houston, TX – The Army Corps of Engineers recently released their interim mid-point report for the Buffalo Bayou and Tributary Resiliency 216 study, with significant consequences for the 7th Congressional District. This study has been in development for almost 3 years at a cost of $6 million dollars.

While the study did not make a final recommendation, the course of action deemed most viable by the Corps is not acceptable to the 7th District. The plan to widen and deepen Buffalo Bayou has previously been tried and rejected by local residents and there is no reason to expect that it won’t be rejected again.

To pursue this course of action will burn precious time that Houstonians don’t have and waste government resources. It has been over 3 years since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, yet very little action has been taken to prevent the next natural disaster from devastating our community. We must take another look at both the tunnel system as well as the clearing and deepening of Addicks and Barker Reservoirs. And these longer term projects need to be pursued as quickly as possible. Houston will be hit with another storm and we must be ready.

But even more importantly, our leaders must facilitate cooperation between the Army Corps and local authorities such as Harris County Flood Control District and The City of Houston to facilitate short- and intermediate-term projects. There are numerous examples of blockages and bottlenecks that continually cause flooding both upstream and downstream and many potential areas for select detention to provide additional storage capacity. The project bottlenecks need to be fixed as soon as possible and solutions must be built quickly. Unfortunately, our current Congresswoman has failed to execute these much-needed flood projects. We need a Member of Congress who roll up their sleeves and lead from the front, not one who will merely side with the pack.

As an Apache pilot and Army combat veteran, I am intimately familiar with the operating procedures of the US Army. I will bring the concerns of 7th District residents forward and work with the Corps and all vested entities to do what it takes to solve our problems efficiently and get desperately needed flood remediation projects built, just as Congressman Dan Crenshaw has done for the 2nd Congressional district.

After 3 years NOW is the time for ACTION!