Apr 1, 2019      Blog Posts      

I’m Running for Congress

I joined the Army to defend our way of life and the country I love, and when I announced my candidacy for Congress in Texas’s 7th Congressional District this week, I did so with the same motivation.  In the military, it is not about Democrats and Republicans or who gets the credit.  The singular focus is on completing the mission.  Unfortunately, that is not how the politicians in Washington operate.  Soldiers live by words like duty, honor and service.  Washington politicians operate with behavior marked by partisanship, self-service and extremism.

In 2018, Democrats promised a new era of bipartisan leadership and problem-solving.  Since taking control of the House of Representatives, they have done just the opposite.  More broken promises, more partisanship and more extremism that threatens our way of life in the Houston area.  It must stop, and I am stepping up to make a difference.

I grew up in Houston, and like my brother and sister, I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.  After 9/11, I deployed to the Middle East and flew Apache helicopters in combat over Iraq because I love this country—a country that has given me and my family so many blessings—and I was willing to put it all on the line to defend it.

When my great-great-grandfather came to America, he worked the land bound by chains.  But through the decades my family has overcome adversity, progressed and prospered.  From slavery to West Point in five generations, that’s my story.

That is also America’s story—taking the country we were given and making it better for the next generation.  My wife Emily and I recently had our first child, Victoria.  When I cradle her in my arms, it strengthens my resolve to hand down an even greater nation for her and all Americans.  That is why I am called to serve and to defend our great country and our way of life.

My opponent, liberal Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, has been in office less than three months and has already broken the promises she made to get elected.  She said she would be independent, but her first vote was to make Nancy Pelosi speaker, and on every important vote she has been in lockstep with Pelosi.

Fletcher has empowered the liberal elites whose reckless policies will hurt the Houston area, from destroying jobs and opportunity with their radical Green New Deal, to threatening seniors and eliminating private insurance with their extreme Medicare for All scheme, to raising taxes on small businesses and middle-class families.

In Congress, I will represent Houston’s values and defend our way of life.  I am focused on completing the mission and solving problems, and I will bring people together to fix our infrastructure, protect our energy jobs, reduce our health care costs, and make sure every child receives a quality education.

I fought for our country and I know how important true leadership is. I learned in the military that your word is your bond. And when I tell you that I will fight for Houston, it’s people and our values, I mean it.