Aug 31, 2020      

ICYMI: National Federation of Independent Business Endorses Wesley

In case you missed it, last week Wesley had the honor of receiving the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). The NFIB is one of the Nation’s foremost advocates for small businesses, and NFIB’s steadfast commitment to protecting the interests of workers and entrepreneurs resonates deeply with Wesley’s.

“Wesley Hunt is the best candidate to represent small businesses in Texas’ 7th Congressional District,” said Annie Spilman, NFIB’s Texas State Director. “Not only did Captain Hunt, a former commissioned Army Captain who served overseas, graduate from West Point and go on to study Business, Public Administration, and Industrial and Labor Relations, he carved out the time to be an active member of his community. Wesley Hunt has a proven commitment to his country and a strong understanding of what promotes a strong economic climate where small businesses can continue to grow. On behalf of Texas’ small businesses, we are proud to endorse him today.”

“We are confident that Wesley Hunt will be a strong pro-small business Member of Congress,” said NFIB National Political Director Sharon Sussin. “He is committed to standing up for the issues our members in Texas’ 7th Congressional District care about, such as creating jobs, flood mitigation, and healthcare. We are pleased to endorse him today for election to the United States House of Representatives.”

Houston is an incredible city full of opportunity because of its hardworking innovators and entrepreneurs. Wesley believes that the top priority of the government must be to empower small businesses to lead the way. Wesley looks forward to continuing to work with small business leaders to enable them to lead America beyond our current challenges and into a more prosperous, opportunity-rich future.

You can find the NFIB’s full endorsement of Wesley here.