Jun 24, 2020      Press Releases      

Hunt Condemns Democrats for Blocking Debate, Divisive Rhetoric

Houston, TX – Today, Senate Democrats blocked Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act from being considered on the Senate floor. This means there will be no debate, discussion, or compromise on this timely and balanced effort to reform our police departments.  Washington liberals have yet again put politics and division ahead of results for the American people.

Senator Scott has long advocated for police reform and deeply understands these issues. His bill, which has a roughly 80% overlap with Democrat proposals, has 47 cosponsors in the Senate and over 140 cosponsors in the House. There are abundant opportunities to build common ground between the left and the right on this legislation and to deliver results for our communities. Unfortunately, Democrats are choosing to retreat to their corner and delay meaningful reform.

“Under the leadership of Senator Tim Scott, Republicans put forward an actionable plan for police reform in our country,” said Hunt. “The bill includes dozens of bipartisan priorities, and is roughly 80 percent identical to the legislation supported by Democrats. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather play partisan politics than collaborate and compromise. For Chuck Schumer to dismiss the JUSTICE Act as ‘unsalvageable,’ and for Nancy Pelosi to label it an attempt ‘to get away with murder, actually, George Floyd’s murder,’ is an insult to the spirit of compromise that allows our government to meet the needs of 330 million Americans. All legislation requires compromise, and Democrats are denying that opportunity. America deserves better.”

Hunt is a Houston native and a battle-tested leader willing to stand up for the 7th Congressional District. While his opponent Lizzie Fletcher made Pelosi Speaker of the House and refuses to condemn the most liberal of Democratic priorities, Wesley is a problem solver who will work with both sides to bring results home to the 7th District.