Sep 13, 2019      

Wesley Hunt Statement on Houston Democratic Debate

Tonight, ten Democratic candidates for President took the stage in Houston and attacked our values without relent.  They advocated for policies that will cause severe economic damage to our community, including spending trillions in taxpayer funding to implement the Green New Deal.  We cannot afford to let these dangerous proposals become reality.

Just this week, even so-called moderate, Joe Biden reiterated his support to end fossil fuels, the lifeblood of Houston’s economy.

Each of these candidates are working to ensure that middle-class Houstonians face job losses, wage cuts and government controlled healthcare.  This is the antithesis of what makes Texas great.  Texans know when we embrace capitalism, individualism, free enterprise and limited government, that our economy grows and wages grow with it.

I’m running for Congress to protect our way of life from a Democratic Party moving radically to the left. The performances on the debate stage tonight made it clear that if we don’t stand up now, our city, our state and our Nation will be fundamentally changed forever.

-Wesley Parish Hunt