May 10, 2020      Blog Posts      

Happy Mother’s Day!

My family is dedicated to service.  My father served 23 years in the Army. My brother, sister and I all attended West Point and then served in the military as well. But in a family with 4 veterans, my mother is the strongest of all of us.

It takes a mentally tough woman to allow her children to put themselves in harms way, even for a cause as valiant as defending our fellow Americans.  It takes an even tougher mother to have all of her children deployed to combat zones at the same time. At one point in 2006, I was stationed in Iraq, flying missions over Baghdad, my brother Wrendon was stationed on a destroyer in the Persian Gulf and my sister D’Hania was serving as a military intelligence officer in the Green Zone.

But through this stressful situation, we never heard anything but loving and supportive words from her. While I’m sure it caused her severe anxiety and stress, my mother always understood that supporting those who are serving this country, whether it be in our military or in other service, is critical to preserving our Nation and our freedoms for future generations.  She bore the burden of this anxiety on her own shoulders for the greater good, never letting us see the pain it caused.

It’s that selflessness that I hope to emulate every day in my private life. It’s that same attitude that I don’t see reflected in our politicians today and one of the reasons I’ve decided to run for Congress. I hope that I can bring the her spirit of selflessness and service to our government in Washington.

From my family to yours, I wish you a heartfelt happy Mother’s Day and hope you’re celebrating with a mother as wonderful as mine.