For Release: Wesley Hunt Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Houston, TX – Wesley Hunt, Houston native, former Diplomatic Liaison Officer to Saudi Arabia, and conservative candidate for Congress, issued the following statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. 

“The world is watching in horror as another completely avoidable international crisis unfolds under Joe Biden’s watch.  As we speak, one of the largest land invasions since World War II is occurring in Europe.  Vladimir Putin’s unchecked power has plunged eastern Europe into a major conflict and threatens the peace and stability of the entire world.  

“Ukraine, a country larger than Texas, is being swallowed by Putin’s nightmarish ambitions of another Soviet Union.  Make no mistake about it, this would have never happened under President Trump.  Since Joe Biden took office, America has taken a foreign policy backseat to China and Russia.  

“As someone who has survived combat, I understand the seriousness of this moment.  I pray that Joe Biden is ready to be President because our country and the world needs the United States to demonstrate firm resolve and commitment to our NATO partners.  

“Shutting down Nord Stream 2 is a good first step, but further sanctions must be implemented immediately.  This administration should use every available measure to cripple all economic supply lines to Russia.   

“Furthermore, Biden should reopen domestic energy production in full and unleash the power of our oil and gas industry.  America is ready.  Texans are ready.  Give us the green light to power our country and our allies.”



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