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Fletcher’s Public Option Will Hurt Houston Healthcare

Although Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher claims to be a moderate who will work with both sides, her record of supporting Nancy Pelosi over 99% of the time tells the real story of her time in Congress. Fletcher supports a slew of liberal policies that would cost Houston families tremendously. Nothing is more representative of Fletcher’s dangerous polices than her support for expanding government-run healthcare.

Contrary to the interests and priorities of her constituents, Representative Lizzie Fletcher has been a vocal supporter of implementing a public option in our healthcare system, a concept so liberal that Democrats cut it from Obamacare proposals in 2010. This is disappointing but unsurprising coming from a politician who claims to be a moderate but takes every opportunity to push her platform to the left.

The consequences of a public option would be devastating to the healthcare industry. The bottom line is this: Fletcher’s proposed public option would drive up healthcare costs, drive down quality of care, and bring long-term instability to our healthcare system.

  • Under a public option, over 100,000 Americans would lose their existing coverage, private insurance would be pushed to the brink of destruction, and employer-sponsored insurance would be all but eliminated
  • A public option could cost up to $1.5 trillion in tax dollars
  • Adding a public option would undermine Medicare recipients and threaten the care of millions of seniors

Fletcher’s support of a public option is incongruous with the needs of her constituents: voters who want to increase access to healthcare without undermining the quality of care available to American families. The public option, like many Democrat proposals, hinges on the false premise that more government intervention is better. The people of Houston know and understand that heavy-handed governance often hurts working families the most, and the public option is no exception.

As the next Congressman for the 7th District, Wesley Hunt will collaborate with medical professionals and patients to bring sustainable, affordable improvements to our healthcare apparatus.