Dec 19, 2019      

Fletcher Votes to Impeach President Trump; Hides from Constituents

This evening, Lizzie Fletcher joined Nancy Pelosi, like she has 100 percent of the time, and voted in favor of impeaching President Trump. Unlike many of her colleagues, she did so without even seeking the input of her constituents.

While Democrats criticized former Congressman John Culberson for not holding town hall meetings ahead of key votes in 2017, Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher has not hosted a public event in the leadup to just the third impeachment vote in American history.  In fact, her last town hall was more than 1 month ago and “several constituents questioned Fletcher on her vote for the House resolution formalizing an impeachment inquiry”.  Furthermore, Fletcher released her statement announcing her support for impeachment on a Friday evening at seven o’clock, as if she was hoping no one would notice.

Why is Lizzie Fletcher hiding her vote from constituents?  Simple. Because she knows that impeachment isn’t what 7th District voters want.  Just this week, 2 of Fletcher’s fellow Democrats faced negative feedback at town hall meetings for their support of impeachment.

Hunt for Congress Campaign Manager, Jim Hilk, released the following statement:

“Lizzie Fletcher has failed at the most basic aspect of her job, representing her constituents. If she truly believes she’s doing what the people of the 7th Congressional District want, then why won’t she appear in public to announce it. She has broken her promise to be moderate and work with both sides.”