Sep 28, 2020      

Fletcher Fuels Division in DC Amidst Coronavirus Negotiations

Houston, TX –  As partisan Democrats continue to block compromise on coronavirus relief, residents in the 7th District are experiencing the consequences of a Congresswoman who answers to Nancy Pelosi rather than her voters. Under Pelosi’s leadership, which Representative Fletcher has supported over 99% of the time, Democrats have seized on every opportunity to retreat to the extreme enclaves of their party rather than compromise to secure aid for the American people. Congressional Democrats’ refusal to negotiate with Republicans has harmed the very people they vowed to serve, and the situation in the 7th District is no different.

Fletcher has not just failed to advocate for Houston and build compromise during our time of need; she has also acted to increase divisions in Washington and remained complacent as Pelosi tries to use coronavirus relief for political leverage. This summer, Fletcher supported the immensely partisan HEROES Act, a $3 trillion bill that stifled coronavirus relief with left-wing agenda items, and  pushed additional legislation that furthered to the toxic discord in Washington.

Fletcher even helped her party levy an attack against Houston’s Energy Corridor by transforming much-needed infrastructure relief into the ‘Green New Deal 2.0,’ compounding the hardships of the coronavirus lockdowns. Fletcher’s support for this unprecedentedly partisan infrastructure bill, in which 2 out of every $5 supports the Green New Deal, was a particularly acute offense for Houston voters as Fletcher has failed to condemn her party’s anti-energy policies and has allowed Pelosi to deny stimulus relief for Houston’s Energy Corridor.

At a time when the American people urgently need compromise, Fletcher’s actions have only contributed to the partisanship in Washington. Seventh District residents need a representative who will be part of the solution, not a feigned moderate who contributes to the disunity harming the American people.