Sep 18, 2020      Press Releases      

Fletcher Falls Short on Delivery of Coronavirus Relief for Houston

Houston, TX – Today marks 175 days since the last successful delivery of coronavirus relief for the American people, conveying a poignant reminder of Representative Fletcher’s broken promises to the residents of the 7th District. While Texans have upheld their end of the bargain during the coronavirus, Congress has failed to do the same and the consequences are felt by hardworking families in Houston.

Fletcher and her Democrat colleagues have failed to deliver reasonable and balanced aid to the American people, in large part due to the divisive leadership stemming from the Democrat-controlled House. Instead, they have oscillated from one extreme to another; on one hand, they balked at the notion of spending $3 billion to give energy companies a critical, job-saving lifeline, but on the other hand, they voted to appropriate $16.4 billion for stimulus checks for illegal immigrants. And thanks to their unwillingness to compromise on any of the outlandish demands of the HEROES Act, the needs of the American people have been sacrificed on the alter of Democrat’s vision of a government-controlled future for all Americans.

Throughout the past 175 days, Democrats has proven incapable of finding the middle ground or negotiating for legislation that will fairly meet the needs of the more than 330 million Americans they vowed to serve. Instead, they have clung to an unrealistic, partisan strategy that does more to message to the extreme elements of their party than support our country in our time of need.

“When Lizzie Fletcher ran for Congress in 2018, she pledged to be a moderate willing to work with Republicans for the benefit of Houston. However, to the detriment of 7th District residents, she has done the opposite. Fletcher has failed to rise to the occasion and show leadership when it has mattered most, choosing instead to entrench herself with Nancy Pelosi” said Campaign Manager Jim Hilk. “Right now we are looking at 175 days since aid was delivered to the American people and we’re still counting. With each day that passes, Congress misses another opportunity to follow through on their promise to serve the American people. The 7th District deserves a leader who will do what is right in times of crisis, not cower behind her party platform and disseminate dishonest reports back to her voters.”