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Fletcher Fails to Lead Again

Last night, Lizzie Fletcher proved once again that there is nothing moderate about her and that she is just another vote for the same broken, radical Pelosi agenda that will not help Houston through these unprecedented times.

Our community, as well as the nation, faces unforeseen challenges and we need to guarantee that our real heroes, healthcare workers, first responders, small business owners and many more, have the support they need.

Fletcher and Pelosi’s bill not only falls short of meeting these goals, but in fact is nothing more than a $3 trillion socialist wishlist that if signed into law would cause catastrophic harm to our economy and to the energy sector in the 7th District.

Contrary to what Fletcher has said, the HEROES Act completely ignores the oil and gas industry and provides no funding for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Instead, it provides billions for “environmental justice”, gives illegal immigrants $1,200 taxpayer-funded checks and even releases criminals back onto our streets.

It spends money that we don’t have on priorities that don’t help middle-class families in Houston. 

The HEROES Act represents everything wrong with Washington. Speaker Pelosi chose to pursue a purely partisan path, excluding Republicans in the drafting of this legislation. Instead of bringing both parties together to deliver a deal that would help the American people, Pelosi is using this bill as a vessel for her radical socialist agenda, and Lizzie Fletcher was more than happy to vote for it and defend it.

This partisan 1,800 page bill was voted on less than one week after it was released. With the Democrat-led House operating this way, it’s no wonder that more than 60% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

The bill itself also has no chance of becoming law, and the Democratic leadership knows this.  Instead of trying to pass meaningful legislation during a national crisis, Lizzie Fletcher and her party are posturing and playing politics.  That is unacceptable and the people of 7th District deserve much better.

Both the process and content of the HEROES Act is a disgrace to the real heroes who have been on the front lines during the COVID19 crisis. Real leaders step up during the most challenging times and Lizzie Fletcher has once again failed to do so.