Oct 16, 2019      

Democrats Double-Down on the Green New Deal

When I began running for Congress, I thought the Green New Deal was a joke. 

I could not believe that any politician would support a plan so radical and harmful to the American people, but then I saw the Democratic Primary field embrace these radical ideas. 

Of the 12 candidates on the stage tonight, 11 of them support the Green New Deal.  In fact, Beto O’Rourke has called it the “best proposal I’ve seen” to combat climate change. 

Elizabeth Warren has co-sponsored the legislation that will provide “economic security” to those “unwilling to work”. Even Joe Biden called the legislation “crucial framework.”

The Democratic party and its presidential candidates could not be more out of step with the American people.  

The Green New Deal would destroy Houston’s economy, kill thousands of jobs in the 7th District and eliminate the healthcare those jobs provide.  It would shake the economic foundation that Houston is built on.  

Make no mistake, the Democratic party is dead serious about the radical proposals they support.  They made that abundantly clear on the stage again tonight and throughout this campaign. 

This district deserves a Member of Congress who will fight vigorously to defend our values and jobs.  It deserves a representative who is not afraid to speak out loudly against policies that target our District. 

Congresswoman Fletcher has proven herself unable and unwilling to stand up for our values.  If I’m elected your Congressman, you will never have to worry about that again.