Jul 14, 2020      Blog Posts      

Democrats Unveil Their Costly and Destructive Energy Plan

Over the past few weeks the Democrat Party has made it crystal clear that they have no regard for or understanding of the energy industry that underpins the Houston economy.

Last week, Democrats in the House announced their climate change plan. This plan pushes for a carbon tax, introduces unreachable standards for energy producers and spends trillions of taxpayer dollars. It would drive energy prices up, increase taxes on every American and kill jobs in Houston and across the country.

Then, this week, Joe Biden’s Climate Task Force led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders announced their plan to combat climate change. This completely unrealistic plan calls for unachievable and disruptive goals, like installing 500 million solar panels in the next 5 years, in addition to seeking to eliminate the fossil fuel industry.

The bottom line with both of these proposals is that they would undermine the energy industry by mandating unattainable standards designed to score political points in Washington rather than protect hardworking Americans. This would spell disaster for an industry that employs millions of Americans, fuels America’s economic progress and ingenuity, and has the potential to power America’s economic comeback from the current crisis.

Our Congresswoman remains silent on how these policies would devastate our community. She promised to be independent and represent us, but instead she dutifully supports Nancy Pelosi’s anti-energy agenda.

The city of Houston deserves better and the 7th Congressional District deserves better. I will not only vote 100% with our district in mind, but I will be an outspoken voice in support of Houston and our economy.