Aug 31, 2020      

Hunt Campaign Challenges Fletcher To Public Debates

Houston, TX – Today, Wesley Hunt challenged Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher to debate two times before the November 3rd General Election:

“It is important that the voters hear directly from the candidate’s competing for their votes.  Choices shouldn’t be made based on television ads or social media posts that avoid the true differences in candidates and critical issues facing our city, state and country,”  Hunt said.  “I hope Congresswoman Fletcher will accept our proposal and engage in these important public debates.”

The below letter was delivered to the Fletcher campaign today at 9:00am CST. No response was immediately received.

August 31st, 2020

Congresswoman Fletcher,

I write to you today in hopes that you will join me this fall in two debates to be hosted prior to the beginning of the early voting period on October 13th

In the midst of a global pandemic and economic recession, the choices voters make this fall will have resounding consequences for the future of our Nation.  It is vital to the health of any democratically elected government to give voters ample opportunities to compare and contrast candidates, their qualifications and their policy proposals.

These debates should meet the following criteria:

    • As mentioned above, held before the beginning of early voting on October 13th
    • Moderated by non-partisan, mutually agreed upon moderators
    • Limited or no audience for the health and safety of those involved
    • Publicly streamed by broadcast partners

I thank you in advance for your participation in the great tradition of American democracy.


Wesley Hunt