Jul 23, 2020      Blog Posts      

Building an Innovative and Affordable Healthcare System

Houstonians know a thing or two about healthcare.  Houston is home to the world’s largest medical complex and some of the world’s foremost medical experts.  We see day in and day out the challenges of providing quality healthcare at a price that all Americans can afford.

The care provided at the Texas Medical Center, as well as the other institutions in the Houston area, is among the best in the world.  Each year, Houston doctors see patients from around the world who choose to travel to Houston because they know they will receive brilliant care.

The issue we face today, with a reeling economy and an unprecedented pandemic, is the challenge of expanding that excellent quality of care at a price that all Americans can afford.  Too many 7th District residents I speak with are concerned with skyrocketing premiums and dwindling access to care.

Yet, rather than recognize these issues, our politicians in Washington, like Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, are preoccupied with rhetoric and political calculus.  They seem more interested in either dramatically expanding our government’s involvement in healthcare and undermining the positive aspects of a free market, or ignoring the plight of those left behind by the market.

We can provide excellent quality healthcare, protect those with pre-existing conditions and lower the extreme cost of healthcare at the same time.

But our leaders have chosen to play political games rather than truly pursue solutions for middle-class Americans. It’s time for new leaders in Washington who will actually work to solve our problems.

That’s why today I am proud to announce my policy platform on healthcare to lower the cost of care without neglecting those who need it the most.

  1. Increase Competition – Increasing fair, transparent competition in the healthcare marketplace will give consumers more choices, decrease the cost of care and increase the quality.  If providers are forced to improve transparency and list their prices, consumers will be empowered to make informed choices, as they are able to do in almost every other facet of American life.  And, allowing policy purchases across state lines will increase consumer choice and force insurance policies to compete to provide the American consumer with the best product at the lowest price.
  2. Reform the Pharmaceutical Industry – America is blessed with incredible researchers and scientists who continually produce new and unique cures to the problems that ail us.  We need to empower these scientists and researchers and simultaneously protect American consumers from those who seek to exploit the system.  Breaking down barriers to allow generic brands to compete in the market, for example, would provide increased options for Americans.  Finding new ways to lower the cost of prescription drugs will pass savings along to every American.
  3. Encourage Innovation and Technology – Technology and innovation are the driving forces that advance our public health. Over the past four months, our healthcare industry has been forced to adapt to the challenges of the Coronavirus. Some of these adaptions, such as the increased use of TeleHealth services, can be used after the pandemic abates to reduce the cost of care. Congress needs to further facilitate the research and development of technologies that push our healthcare system forward and then incentivize their use.  Such development will decrease the cost of care for future generations and help ensure that America continues to lead the world in curing our ailments.

I am confident that with the right leadership in Washington, we can ensure the existence of quality, affordable care for every American. Together, we can empower and strengthen our healthcare system.