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Building a Better Future for Our Small Businesses

Houston has always been a city of opportunity.  For generations, entrepreneurs from across the country have flocked to Houston because of our welcoming business atmosphere. Evidence of their success can be seen on street corners throughout the city.  From incredible restaurants to small family accounting firms and everything in between, Houston continues to buzz with energy and opportunity. That is the story of our city and it’s the story of our businesses. In fact, Houston is one of the most economically vibrant cities in the country and we have led the country in small business outlook for years.

We all know the importance of oil and gas to our economy, but small businesses play a critical role as well.  Our robust economy is filled with success stories of entrepreneurs building businesses through hard work and grit. In fact, around 99% of businesses in Texas are small businesses, and small businesses employ nearly half of our workforce. Needless to say, the city of Houston has cultivated an environment in which hardworking people can thrive and build the businesses of their dreams. And, we all reap the benefits.

Recently, we have all felt the consequences and economic disruption of the coronavirus lockdowns. And the lifeblood of our economy, our small businesses, is hurting. Many business owners are experiencing unprecedented declines in demand, and the damages are acute. I believe that we must work together to bring back opportunity and stability for the many small businesses that make Houston an incredible place to work and live.

Through ingenuity and responsible fiscal policies, we can revive our small businesses and restore hope and opportunity to our communities.

I am proud to announce my policy platform to protect small businesses and ensure they continue to prosper.

  1. Secure financial support for small businesses – Houstonians have done their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Notably, we have closed our businesses and stayed home. Now, it is vital that the government provide our businesses with the financial resources they need to recover and safely build back stronger than ever. We need to provide our businesses with flexible loans that allow business owners to spend their money on their most pressing needs, without the burden of proscriptive government instructions on the allocation of resources. Our businesses are as diverse as the people who own and operate them, and we must empower them to make the choices they need to continue to support the millions of Texans they employ.
  2. Liability protections to help businesses open safely– The coronavirus has shifted the way many businesses operate, and certain industries may need to accommodate long-term changes. The government should be facilitating this transition, not getting in the way. Our government should collaborate with business owners to develop solutions that work in real time, keep customers safe, and allow businesses to operate efficiently and economically. This includes the provision of liability protections for our businesses. If business-owners are following reasonable guidelines to protect their employees and their customers, their businesses should not be vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits and the burdensome legal fees they carry with them.
  3. Keep burdensome regulations out of business– I strongly believe that our greatest asset as a country is our people. The unprecedented breakthroughs reached in our country, both economically and technologically, have been the product of pioneering individuals working hard to ignite innovation and progress. In short, opportunities arise when the government gets out of the way. As our economy rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic, the government needs to support and strengthen our small businesses, not weigh them down with onerous regulations that inhibit progress. Our economic recovery depends on the recovery of our small businesses. And we need to continue to create a business-friendly environment that cuts taxes on small businesses and incentivizes them to continue to grow and develop.

I am proud of the resilient entrepreneurs who have built Houston’s incredible economic legacy and I firmly believe that with the right leadership in Washington, our small businesses will continue to flourish. When we empower hardworking people in Houston, the opportunities are limitless.