An Open Letter to Texans: Completing the Mission

Completing the Mission

by Wesley Hunt

As I look at my two young daughters, Victoria and Olivia, I think about the country I want them to inherit.  When I think about the challenges they and their generation will face throughout their lives, I think about my own father. While he was serving in the United Starts Army, he had those same thoughts, worrying about his three children and the world they would inherit. He resolved to do everything in his power to empower his children with the skills and opportunities to build a better life, not just for ourselves, but for our community.

The example Willie Parish Hunt set for our family built a value set that prioritized service to others and inspired my siblings and me to attend West Point and serve our country.  Now, as a father, I recognize that without the values imparted on us by my parents, we would not have been able to tackle the challenges we faced in military service and private life.  My wife, Emily, and I strive every day to pass these values down to our children. 

Our values of hard work, personal responsibility, service to others, and ultimately faith in God, are the glue that binds us as a nation and the pillars of progress for the next generation. We are blessed to have inherited a rich history of freedom, justice, liberty and patriotism. These ideals have taught us not to judge others based on the color of their skin, their background or beliefs, but on the content of their character.

President Reagan once said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.”  In my lifetime, now more than ever, as we see our values and freedoms come under attack, this statement takes on a greater importance.  

In just six months, we have witnessed the Democrat party undo four years of incredible progress.  

With simple strokes of his pen, Joe Biden has delivered severe blows to our energy independence, economic progress, strength of our border, and to the safety and security of Texas and our nation. 

Today, the middle class is being squeezed by rapidly rising inflation, we face a deteriorating humanitarian crisis on our southern border and a dramatic rise in crime due to defunding police departments. To add to these overwhelming failures, Democrats are proposing trillions in new spending and higher taxation.  

When you look into the eyes of your children, ask yourself, is this the country you want them to inherit? 

I risked my life in combat and served with brothers in arms who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the American Dream.  I’m running for Congress because at this very moment in history we’re seeing our American Dream slip through our fingers.  Without a check on the radical Biden-Harris Administration, we could see the American Dream vanish forever.

We have been given an incredible gift as Americans and we cannot afford to let that gift fade away.  We must lean into this moment and confront the policies and ideologies that seek to destroy how the next generation sees our nation and her history.  We must reject curriculums like critical race theory, which divide us by race and distort our founding principles.  

Our children must understand that the legacy of our Founding is one of lasting freedom, progress and hope, not hatred and bigotry.

We should never apologize for our values or the belief that our nation is exceptional. No other republic in the history of the world has ever achieved the amount of progress or advancements we have—nor as quickly as we have.  

Unfortunately, the Democrats in Washington are focused on eradicating our most treasured values.  Their open border agenda and anti-police rhetoric is endangering the very lives of our children.  I’ve decided to run for Congress again to complete my mission of bringing conservative ideas and Texas values to Washington, which our country desperately needs. 

I am proud of the work our team accomplished in the last election, and I know that my mission isn’t over, in fact, it’s just getting started.  

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden said that we were, “in a battle for the soul of our nation.” I do agree that we may be in the biggest fight of our life—working to save our nation’s freedom and liberties. The problem for Mr. Biden and the Democrats is that they are on the wrong side of the battlefield.

I look forward to the fight. 


This open letter is available to be reprinted and distributed.

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